I don’t mind that

I have moved into my first home. I used to rent out apartments and just rely on their HVAC unit. Apartment HVAC is typically very terrible. The HVAC is old, rusted and usually very inefficient. In the end, that HVAC ends up costing too much cash. What I did then was use window air conditioning in the Summer and a space furnace in the Winter. Not the best at temperature control, however it was HVAC in the cheapest way possible. Now that I live in my own house, the HVAC is so much better. The HVAC that came with the condo is a central model. That means the HVAC equipment is hooked up to ductwork. The ductwork spans through the walls and ceiling. Every room in the house has an open air vent that the heating and cooling is pushed out of. It is very neat and an effective HVAC method. What is funny is that I noticed my energy bills are lower too. Living in an lake house that is half the size was more cash to heat and cool. The reason was the poorly cared for HVAC. A little care and cleaning goes a long way in the HVAC world. I think sort of disappointing for my space furnace and little window cooling equipment though. What do I do with them now? I can’t just throw them away. They still work and could be useful to someone. I have to admit I am a little scared that my whole condo HVAC will suddenly stop working so good. Then I will be blissful I kept this portable HVAC units.