I don’t mind renting

Traveling for work is something that I know most people have mixed feelings about. Personally, it is something that I have come to truly dread. I used to take great satisfaction having an excuse to get away from neighborhood each day for a few afternoons, however now I get truly exhausted by our journeys out of here. I only have to take a work trip about once a week, however all of the time spent in airports and laying in rental motorcar lines wears myself and others down pretty quickly. The worst area of it all is having to adapt to the air conditioning situations everywhere I go. In the airport, I have found that the cooling system in particular is consistently running at too high of a speed. I get chilly each and every time there, because the un-even temperatures there are too low for our liking each time. This makes it hard when I have a long layover or a delay on our flight that day, but only a couple of times over the past year, I have ended up in rental cars that had truly faulty air conditionings. I think this was just a string of bad luck for me personally, but, still, that was a large inconvenience for me! By the time I made it right back to our hotel from the airport both times, I was covered in sweat and had really very little energy left to get any work done. If not for the air conditioning inconveniences on my plate that I have dealt with while traveling, I don’t feel that I would be so totally put off by the idea of it. However, those handful of incidents have entirely changed our way of thinking. I truly wish that I could limit our traveling really down to just a couple of times per year, but I don’t see that becoming a major opportunity anytime soon.

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