I don’t mind helping out

    My mother’s birthday is next weekend and I’m planning a surprise for her. I’m going to make an unplanned visit. I don’t get to see her that much because I live three hours away. So, I think that surprising her would be a particularly superb way to spend some together and make her really happy. When I stay with her, I usually use her guest house in the backyard, but she recently told me that the window air conditioner isn’t working out there. I am planning to sleep in the spare room in the main house while I’m in town. I am also planning to help out around the house while I’m there. I think the top priority is to get her her air conditioner working. I’m pretty handy, so I think I’ll be able to fix her A/C unit. This would keep her from having to call an air conditioner technician to come out and make the repair, and if I’m able to fix her A/C I would save her a lot of money on service costs. I always try to help her out a little bit when I visit her at her house, because she usually has her hands full while visiting my dad at the nursing home, since his heart attack. She lives alone now, so there’s no one to help her keep the house in good shape. That’s where I can make myself useful. I hope that our visit is something that gets her really excited. She’s always happy to see me when I’m able to make time to come home.  If I’m able to get the air conditioner working while I’m there that will be so amazing. My mom is the best, so I don’t mind helping her out when I can. She’s done enough for me over the years, so I figure that I owe her a few favors.

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