I don’t like leather

When I moved into our apartment, I loved everything except the immense lack of closets. But this is a small thing plus I knew I could find a way to make it work in the end. I just needed to get some organization systems for everything and finally call it a day! Turns out, I may have underestimated how hard this is going to be for me; because see, I can’t bother to buy anything that’s cheap anymore.  I’m not overly picky and I care about a fantastic deal, but I can look at something and immediately realize whether or not it will last. All of these organization systems are built for young millennials plus grade school youngsters—they’re not built to last for a decade or even three like some antiques! What’s worse, is they’re not even that cheap to buy. The systems I need are pretty elaborate, so they’re not even worth buying to me. But I can’t live in a mess forever without any storage space, the clutter is crazy. In the end, I did what I should have done in the first place—I went to our aunt’s custom furniture store!  She thought I was going to want a beautiful custom sofa or a grand dining room table. But no, I just needed some custom built furniture that would help my and I organize our house. The first thing she built was this captains bed which has lots of small drawers, instead of just a couple important ones which is the usual design. This bed stores as much clothes as a whole dresser too, possibly more, but next she’s building a matching wardrobe so I can hang our clothes out of reach of our two cats, however unlike most wardrobes, this custom made furniture will also have little shelves at the bottom to organize my collection of shoes!

black couches