I don’t know what they mean

Growing up, all of us didn’t have much currency, but I didn’t suppose any different; One thing I knew for sure was that our parents enjoyed me truly much, & they did all that they could to deliver for us youngsters. I have the highest of respect for our mother & father. They were people of integrity & faith. There were many of us youngsters, & all of us didn’t regularly have the newest things, however it actually didn’t bother us because all of us had each other & that was all that mattered. Instead of playing video games or on the computer all day, all of us played outside because all of us simply didn’t have those things. In the end, I truly suppose that although all of us were poor, I had the best childhood I could ever wish for. Many people want their children to have the newest everything when truly all their children truly want is time with their mom & dad, even though all of us didn’t have much, our parents spent time everyday to listen to our childish stories, & made us know truly important to them.  Not having much means all of us didn’t have A/C. I literally didn’t suppose what it was prefer to have A/C until I went to school. Again, it wasn’t a big deal to us not to have A/C because all of us didn’t truly suppose what all of us were missing. Our only A/C systems were fans in the windows. I absolutely hated A/C in school because I wasn’t used to it, so I was regularly chilly. I think our point is, just because you may not have all the currency in the world doesn’t mean you can’t be completely pleased & gleeful with life.

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