I do everything possible

About a 8 months ago, I started working from home.  It’s nice to skip the early rise and dress up, as well as the rush hour traffic.  I’m not forced to keep rigid hours, report to a boss, or deal with co-workers. Setting my own schedule, Being able to put on sweats, make a protein shake and step into my office makes me more productive.  I’ve made some changes to make the home office though. Once I was home all day, I couldn’t shut down the cooling system to conserve energy. Instead, I was air conditioning the entire house at a set temperature.  This was costing a fortune in utility bills. Since I limited myself to the office, I was wasting a big amount of energy. I spoke with a local Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning company and they proposed I update to an A/C zone control system.  The technician installed dampers in the air ducts, controlling the supply of airflow for each room. That allows me room-by-room control. There’s now a thermostat setting for each room. I can set the temperature in the office without any impact on the rest of the rooms.  I added a program to my computer linked to my smartphone that gives me remote control. I don’t have to get up from my desk every time I want to make an adjustment. These changes have not only saved me some big bucks, but also greatly improved comfort.

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