I do enjoy the data

Even when I was a little kid, I constantly found math to be intriguing.  I loved algebra in addition to geometry, and I could not get enough of Statistics. In university, I took every advanced statistics class that was offered.  I graduated with a masters in mathematical engineering just months ago. It had been a slow beginning to finding the right job. I’ve been to no less than a dozen interviews, however nothing has peaked my interest until a few weeks ago.  So, this week, I started my first real job. I’ve had part-time work before, however this job is a real career. I’m actually working for a statistics firm that collects in addition to analyzes data from various building management systems.  Many big companies in addition to smaller firms are using integrated building software to track building operations data. The data can be collected in addition to analyzed to give details on the building systems. I do this for a corporation with 2 major clients, who are both listed on the fortune 500.  I have been assigned to a team which works on energy efficiency algorithms. It’s our job to receive in addition to analyze data from a building’s automation software. I use a very special mathematical algorithm to determine ways in which companies can cut back on energy bills. We use this information to provide companies with better and more energy efficient solutions.  Most of these companies are trying to go green because of the many ecological in addition to economical benefits. Collecting in addition to using this data makes me like going to my job every day. I am sure to recognize if I get bored of business intelligence analytics, however I’m excited about going to work tomorrow.

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