I do earn a fair wage

When the janitor in our building died, I felt like I had lost a friend.  It took two weeks to find someone who could replace him at his janitorial job.  When Sylvie came in, she seemed a quite nice, but there was something about her that I wasn’t ready to trust.  Within a week, I had three of my coworkers come to me and tell me that there was something missing from their offices.  I hadn’t hired anyone new, and the only change was Sylvie. Two days ago, I left my phone in the office. I was anxious to get home and I didn’t want to turn around.  I left it sitting there on the desk in my office. The next day, my phone had disappeared and I had to call the phone company to cancel my plan. Then last night, I deliberately left a twenty dollar bill in the upper drawer of my desk.  No one was to go into that drawer. When I got to work the next day, the twenty was missing. I knew it was her, but I couldn’t just accuse her. I called the janitorial services company and I told them my suspicions. I said I couldn’t prove it, but I needed him to know what was happening.  Three days later, Sylvie was not at work, and we had a new man doing her job. I truly am sorry that she lost her job, but I can’t have someone stealing in my company. We are a firm that handles a lot of money and that could get to be very risky for us.

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