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This week has been a evening mare at our house, however my roommate as well as I lease from a property management dealer, and in a lot of ways, the company is very efficient as well as helpful when it comes to a problem… There are benefits to leasing from a dealer, rather than leasing from a private owner. For example, companies tend to have more resources than a private owner would. In our case, we have easy online payments as well as service requests, as well as a quick response time for any services or repairs we need, however suddenly, we had a drastic increase in the amount of services as well as repairs we needed. It seemed like the home was coming apart. The worst area was that we have been having troubles with the gas furnace, then given that it is the winter, it’s been severely uncomfortable for us to live without heat, then even under layers of blankets, we need heating to counter the freezing uneven temperatures as well as snowy weather, but at first, we tried to service the gas furnace ourselves. The two of us went downstairs as well as saw that there was a easy error code. After doing the necessary research to find out the meaning of the code, I was still unable to figure out how to service it. The two of us put in a service request as well as someone came to the home the next morning! She reset the gas furnace as well as our heat was back on–but not for long. Two mornings later, we were back to having no heat! The two of us put in a minute service request as well as had to wait another morning for someone to come back. Finally, she addressed the original error code, rather than simply resetting the system. The two of us are hoping that this time the repair actually sticks! I’m thrilled we were able to get help from the dealer, but a private owner may be more in touch with the way a property functions as well as could catch the service on the first visit.

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