I dislike having a car with no a/c

As soon as I arrive for work, my entire t-shirt is soaked in sweat.

If you have ever had a car without an a/c, then you think how miserable it can be, but however, if you have never driven a car without an a/c, let me explain what it feels like. Have you ever walked into a metal shed in the middle of the Summer when the temperature outside was 90 degrees, just to find out that you left the gas furnace as well as a space oil furnace running for a few afternoons inside the shed? If you can imagine how boiling that it, that is exactly how boiling it feels to drive a car without an a/c. Nobody wants to experience that kind of temperature, but thoUnited Statesnds of people without a laboring a/c experience this every day! Since vehicles are made of metal, they heat up absolutely hastily; Air conditioners are made to cool the automobile down to a satisfactory temperature, then when I get into my car every day, I don’t have the luxury of an a/c. Instead, I begin covered in sweat almost immediately. If I am wearing a t-shirt, I will sweat right through my shirt, this is made worse if I have to wear nicer clothes for a meeting. As soon as I arrive for work, my entire t-shirt is soaked in sweat. Also, without an a/c, my hair becomes wet from sweat as well. The worst section about this entire ordeal is that I am not able to service the a/c in my car. Air conditioners are absolutely costly to fix, as well as they cost nearly $1000 to get laboring again. That is a hefty price to pay for an Heating, Ventilation and A/C component in your vehicle!

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