I discovered that my house doesn’t smell as good as I thought

I believe that I was used to my air quality, however evidently no one else obviously was. I had four cats plus a new pet rabbit, so I knew my house didn’t have aromas as great as some homes may. I kept my house clean and as clean as is possible since I had a full-time task plus more than four animals in the house. It wasn’t until my sibling came to visit that I realized just how badly my house easily smelled. She had her nose wrinkled plus barely managed to hide her finger beneath her nostrils. I asked her if there was a problem here? She started to shake her head no, even though she couldn’t lie to me this time. She told myself and others my air quality was dreadful plus my air quality was the absolute worst. I almost told her to get out, however I knew she was simply right. She tried to tell myself and others it could just be my HVAC ductwork, even though she was afraid it could be more than that. I had a portable air cleaner, however maybe that wasn’t enough. I called the heating, ventilation plus A/C company plus asked for their help. They cleaned the HVAC duct plus told myself and others that my main problem was the varying animals. I wasn’t using the respected air filter in my home. They had air filters that are made just for pet owners. It picks up more of the pet hair plus dander, plus it filters out the aromas more easily. I asked if the air filter would solve all my air quality troubles. He said I needed to be more diligent with how often I changed the air filter, however it would help for sure. He also suggested getting a whole-house air cleaner, however he understood how fancy that could be.

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