I discovered a new brand of air purifier, so I had to buy one

I discovered a new brand of air purifier, so I had to buy one. It is sort of funny to me just how much I am obsessed with air purifiers. I have owned so many air purifiers in my lifetime. I just love air purifiers because they help keep me and my family healthy. I know that some people don’t believe that air purifiers really do much, and I am okay with that, but I truly believe that air purifiers work very well. My oldest son used to struggle with seasonal allergies, but since we started using air purifiers in our house, his allergies have almost disappeared. They still bother him if he is outside in the grass for too long, but for the most part, the air purifiers have eliminated his allergies. I always have at least three air purifiers going in our house. We have a rather large house, so I need at least three air purifiers to ensure that the entire house is covered. I put one air purifier in my husband’s and my bedroom. I put one air purifier in the boy’s room, and I put the third one in the living room downstairs. I really should use a fourth air purifier in the kitchen, but the one that I just bought I plan to put in the garage. I feel like the garage probably needs an air purifier even more than the kitchen does since we park our vehicles in there. Even though I already had three air purifiers, I am glad that I bought the fourth one. I am so excited to try out this new brand of air purifier.

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