I didn’t know you could have too much A/C

My husband and I had been procrastinating on getting our air conditioner plan fixed for at least three or four years, but it doesn’t usually get super overheated here during the summer time weeks, so all of us used a window unit for the past few years just to keep our family room nice and chilled off, then the two of us kept the downstairs cool by opening the windows and then putting fans in them.

It worked quite well until this summer. It is so much warmer this summer time than it has been in previous summers, however most afternoons are in the upper eighties or lower nineties. The two of us even broke a hundred degrees a few days ago. That is just too overheated for our hubby plus me. We don’t like to be in the cabin when it is that warm, plus all of us don’t have any air conditioner. The two of us had some money saved up, and all of us were able to borrow some money from a buddy to get our air conditioner plan fixed. It was so much more high-priced than all of us thought it would be, however all of us decided to go ahead plus did it anyways. I think that we will be paying our buddy back for quite awhile I am sure, although she doesn’t care that much. She actually said that all of us didn’t have to pay her back if all of us didn’t want to. The two of us will be though, of course. It is entirely cold in our house now that all of us have air conditioning. My hubby enjoys setting the temperature control at sixty-more than four degrees, plus that is chilly due to the fact that all of us were used to the cabin being around eighty four degrees. I have to say that it is nice having air conditioner once again, even if it’s a little chillier than what I would prefer.


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