I didn’t know that

I have been hired to write a book about the heating plus cooling industry, plus I genuinely do not recognize why I was hired or anything about heating plus cooling, then out of all the things I have been hired to write books about, this is the first time I am totally clueless! If the pay was not so good, I would have turned down the work plus done something else. But for the pay, I could not say no! So, I have to do a whole ton of research on the odd kinds of heating plus cooling related technology plus equipment available! So far, in our research, I have seen things plus l gained about radiant radiant heated floors, smart temperature control temperature controls, ductless mini-split heating plus cooling systems plus things about the old heating plus cooling equipment enjoy window cooling system units, which were what most homes had before central heating plus cooling became available to everyone at an affordable price. I also have been reading about section heaters, in which section furnaces are a cheap way to heat your apartment plus save a whole ton of currency on your weekly plus daily electric bills. Actually to be even-handed with you, after doing all this research plus reading all about the ins plus outs of the heating plus cooling technology plus the current heating plus cooling systems, I almost want to become a certified heating plus cooling worker! But, I really make a few more bucks writing the books, so I know I will stick with that for now.

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