I didn't even call them for a heater repair

I have a large job that I do for a living, but what I do is work as the assistant supervisor of a major 20 story office building in the city, however i don’t manage one certain business, but the office building itself which holds a lot of unusual businesses, and the one thing the entire building has in respected with everything is the commercial heating plus air conditioner. The commercial heating plus a/c plan in this building was slowly dying, so it was our job as assistant supervisor to find the absolute best price on a brand new commercial heating plus a/c unit for the entire building. This required a lot of iPhone calls to various heating plus a/c corporations throughout the entire city. It even required myself and others to have to call some heating plus a/c corporations out of state! All of us were looking for the lowest possible price for a brand new, plus totally new commercial heating plus air conditioner! Finally, I came to the decision that the best price was from a retail corporation one state over. This retail corporation was both a heating plus a/c corporation plus also sold other types of heating plus cooling products, then all of us hired this heating plus a/c corporation to drive across state to both give plus instal the brand new commercial Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system. It cost the corporation that owns the building a little over 4 thoUSnd dollars for the whole thing. Which, was entirely cheap considering the fact that it was coming all the way from another state!

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