I did the installation

Living in the southwestern section of the US of america is truthfully nothing but sheer, utter hell if you ask our opinion. Here every one of us are at the end of January, plus while everyone in this country are either having to run their central gas furnaces or not having any heat on if the weather is cool but mild. Here in the southwestern section of the country, I am running our air conditioning in the day time minutes! If I even walk outside the air is so dead, dry plus still it makes me sick! I actually hate this location plus hope to get out when currency will allow! I honestly miss normal earthly things love seasons….you know, winter, Spring, summer time plus fall… Where in January I can run our central heating plan plus appreciate the nice vision of the snow outside. Here in the southwest, there are 2 seasons…summer time plus hell. That is the best way to describe it to be honest! Not to mention, from having to run the air conditioning almost all year round at unusual temperatures, the energy bills here are super high! I do not know I have ever lived anywhere in the world that I had to pay between 300 plus 400 dollars on weekly energy bills! And know me, there is no energy saving tips that can help anyone in this location. Central air conditioning is a must, plus without it, you honestly well could die. If you are ever thinking about moving to the southwest, know twice! Do not make the same mistake I did, unless you love high bills plus nothing but air conditioning to survive!

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