I did spend a lot of money

My job is at a gymnastics studio that is in the basement of a food market.  The owner of the grocery store pays the utility bills for electricity, water, cooling and heating;  we just pay rent for our studio space. It is a very nice arrangement for us, since if there is a major problem with the plumbing or the heating and air conditioning system, all I need to do is to tell the store manager and he will see to it that it gets repaired. Yesterday something strange happened in the studio. I and another gymnastics instructor named Sherry both thought we smelled a strange smell in the studio. It seemed to smell like singed hair. Sherry was very worried that something in the studio had caught on fire and she was wandering around the room sniffing in all the corners.  Right away I knew what was causing the stink. I opened the closet in our studio where the boiler is housed and discovered that the boiler was heating when it wasn’t supposed to be on. Since this was happening in the middle of the summer, the boiler had been collecting dust and it was heating all this dirty gunk. That was the reason why the whole studio smelled like hair that was burning. The boiler was incinerating all this accumulated dust. Sherry and I knew that this was wrong. The boiler never should have been fired up in our studio when it was the middle of the summer and the temperatures was one of the highest recorded this summer. Can you imagine a boiler system randomly turning itself on?  It is possible that an employee in the grocery store upstairs nudged the thermostat accidentally. Sherry and I didn’t do anything about this heating issue this time. We decided we would wait and see if it did it again, and if it did, we would report it. Hopefully it won’t happen again and it was just a one time thing.

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