I did save a lot

Recently I bought a lot of wood from the Amish to replace my upstairs ceiling.  I planned to upgrade the ceiling and to replace all of it with wood. It would prevent the ceiling form appearing like it would come crashing down on me and it would look a lot better. I did not take into account that wood is very sensitive to the quality of the air.  Are you aware that the indoor quality of the air has an affect on your wood? Your air quality moisture content should never be too moist or too dry. A high content of moisture in your indoor air causes mildew, mold and bacteria to appear on surfaces within your home. Additionally, insects like centipedes and cockroaches decide to make their home in your home.  Insufficient moisture in the air is also not good because it can cause you to have chapped lips and dry skin, and also to have nosebleeds. Nobody likes the static shocks or the hair frizzies caused by dry air either. Quite a lot of people use their heating and cooling system to regulate the air quality within their house. Indoor air quality is often monitored for health insurance purposes and skin issues. Since I do not have any major health issues or skin issues such as psoriasis or eczema, I did not even think about the quality of the air in my home. I have always run my heating and cooling device on normal settings. Apparently, my indoor air was very much too dry because all of my wood began splitting. My new wood boards developed big cracks down them.  All of the boards have these splits, and now they are unusable. I should have gotten a humidifier that would have added more moisture to my indoor air. My wood is now unusable and I have wasted a lot of money.

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