I did my maintenance

I just got a new job working from home, and I love it. There is one problem though that whenever i get up to change the thermostat i get distracted really easy. I can get up to change the temperature because I am too hot or too cold and I find myself being up for over a couple of hours. Shortly after I got my new job I had some work done on the HVAC system, and I had them put in a smart thermometer. I had looked into them before I even called the HVAC company to come out. I looked into acquiring a system for my office again, but in the end the best way to go was the smart thermometer. My provider was able to connect it so that I can use my phone and change the temperature even though I am not home. It’s done great for my concentration when i am trying to work. It has also helped with my electric bill wonderfully. My power bill has been cut by two now because I am able to be sure that the temperature is set to where it needs to be all throughout the day. I’ve been so happy with the new thermometer since i got it. I have even gotten a little mini fridge so that I don’t need to leave my office unless I must use the bathroom. I am able to get twice as much work done, I would tell anyone who is working from your home to get a smart thermostat.

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