I did arrive on time

It is amazing how many cool things you can find on Craigslist.  We have furnished our entire home, second hand, for half of what we would have paid at one of those fancy home furnishing places. We have even been able to connect with several small companies that can’t afford to advertise like the big guys can.  I have to say that the very best find, however, was our handyman that we hired to do odd jobs around the apartment complex that we own. At first, we were really cautious about the guy. I checked all the reviews from his previous customers and all of them seemed reasonable.  He showed us his liability insurance papers and everything up to date. We had him sign a contract to work for us for three months and then we would review his work at that point. We needed someone who was well versed in various repairs. Each unit has its own HVAC unit, hot water tank, and appliances.  If there was a problem with one of them we needed our general repairman to know how to fix them. We couldn’t be bothered to call a specialized repair company each time something broke. The person we hired happened to be a retired HVAC technician. He was only in his late 50’s but had been able to retire so he still wanted to work.  He had started his own general repair business so that he could work the hours he wanted and take vacation when he wanted. This was a perfect fit for our situation. You should alway be a bit cautious when dealing with people who advertise on these sites, however, from our experience they are the perfect way to find what you are looking for too.

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