I decided to leave the AC on

I was sure that I should not have believed my husband when he said that he would be able to install an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit in our newly renovated house. Due to the cost of renovations, both of us wanted to save money, so hubby thought the best way to do this would be to install the new A/C unit all by himself. While he has lucked out working on car and doing minor repairs to our home, he has never taken on a project like this. There are so various things that can go wrong with installing an HVAC unit. It makes me a little concerned that he did not hire a professional HVAC serviceman to do the task. For example, if the unit is not installed correctly, it can cause leaky ducts and reduced airflow. The leaky ducts are taxing to service plus the cost to repair can be quite expensive. This project also requires some special tools that are not commonly used in a home toolbox. Also it requires a great deal of effort. I’m just not positive that my husband has the skill or necessary experience to install this unit in our home. I keep trying to convince him to hire an HVAC serviceman, however he will not hear of it. I hope this project ends up saving us money in the end. If it did not and we had to pay for extra repairs, I would not be happy with my husband.