I crammed all my work in

We went through a lot of flooding last year in the area where we live and our basement ended up getting basically filled up with water. We lost a whole lot of stuff that we had stored in the basement, along with the new carpet that we’d had installed that year. But the worst part of all about the flooding was the fact that it completely ruined our heating and air conditioning system that was located down in the basement! So of course, we had to go on the hunt for an HVAC company that had good reviews so that we could get a new and improved HVAC system for our house. We finally found one, after asking around for lots of recommendations. And so in the fall, we had a new furnace and A/C installed by this HVAC company. We were really pleased with their work after they finished the HVAC installation job. They did high quality work and they also had very competitive pricing when we compared their installation jobs to other heating and air conditioning companies in the area. The heating and air conditioning technicians were very professional and they were very courteous and polite. I don’t know about you, but when I have installers of any kind in my home, whether they are HVAC technicians or not, it always means a lot to me to feel like they are professional and courteous. I really liked this particular heating and air conditioning company that we used after the flood took out our furnace and our A/C. I think we are going to use them for our HVAC needs from now on.

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