I couldn’t deal with another uncomfortable work environment

The older I get, the more I understand how crucial a work environment is to my overall life satisfaction, my enjoyment at a job, plus therefore my entire life, depends a great deal on the surroundings of the work position! When I was younger, I figured that the nature of the work was all that even mattered.

I thought a job was a job plus a paycheck was a paycheck.

As I have worked in more plus more professional situations, I have come to learn that the people you work with plus the environment matter way more. That’s whyI, these days when I go on interviews I’m completely blunt about the surroundings. I want to be aware of more than the company culture. Typically, I come right out plus directly ask about the Heating plus A/C machine settings, which tends to throw my interviewers for a loop. You see, I have worked in a number of harshly uncomfortable locales, literally. In my past job, the A/C machine was always cranked up… Even in the middle of the frosty season, the building was severely cold. I had a separate temperature control unit in my office, however it was a dummy temperature control that didn’t easily impact the overall air quality. I froze all the time plus I was irritated. In the job before that, I was locked in a continual temperature control unit battle between the other office workers as well as myself. The bunch of us literally fought over utilizing the central cooling machine everyday. Before I wind up in another brutally uncomfortable plus unproductive work environment, caused unquestionably by Heating plus A/C machine setting preferences, I would rather walk away from the job.



a/c representative