I couldn’t be anymore comfortable

  I don’t know why, but men are always competing over something or another. They can’t just be comfortable with what they’ve got and mind their own business. Instead, they always have to be checking out what goods other men have and comparing their wares in turn. It doesn’t matter if they’re thinking about the size and power of their vehicle, the quality of their grass and yard, or the performance of their children. No matter what, it’s all a competition among other men. It’s all so crazy to me.

             Now we have this neighborhood epidemic going around where the stupid men of every household have become obsessed with out doing the other male homeowners on the block… with their Heating and Air Conditioning system. Indoor ventilation has become the current way to flex around this community. It all started when Charles up the block replaced his AC unit with a brand new, high tech, low energy air conditioning plan that he got for a good deal! He showed Bill down the road and let him experience the new, energy star rated air conditioning plan one afternoon. Within a month Bill had replaced his whole cooling plan as well! Once Bill had an replaced air conditioning system with even more powerful cooling and less energy expenditure, then Matt from across the lane had to go out and get his own brand new cooling equipment. So far 65% of the neighborhood has replaced their Heating and Air Conditioning plan within the last month, and some of them are also doubling back to replace even more ventilation device.

             We’re the only apartment without a brand new cooling plan in place. We don’t feel pressured to jump on the bandwagon; for we’re the ones who own the local Heating and Air Conditioning shop.

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