I could wait a bit longer

I just found out that coolant, refrigerant plus freon are all the same thing, it is the liquid that goes into your cooling unit. The air conditioner needs the liquid in order to work. Think of the AC love a car plus the coolant being similar to oil. The unit needs it in order to survive. I think that my air conditioner is very low on coolant. The AC equipment has been flashing a yellow light at me indicating that something is not going smoothly. The issue is that I don’t think what to do. Where do I buy coolant? Can I just grab the important equipment at the local hardware store, then after I get the liquid for the AC device, I don’t think where to put it. I’m guessing there is a designated spot in the air conditioner that the coolant has to go into. Like I was saying, with a car, you put the oil in a particular location. You can’t simply dump oil all over the hood or the seat. I read online plus also found the wrong amount of liquid can break the AC unit quickly. If you use too much the air conditioner will work sluggishly plus the liquid will leak out. You also will likely have mold, mildew or degrees because of the added moisture. With too little of liquid, the unit will churn plus burn. The equipment will grind together and ruin the mechanical finally workings, then so I genuinely want to make sure I do the cooling unit the correct way, but google has not been honestly helpful with it at all!.

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