I considered all options

When our parents moved out of the home the two of us all called lake home for twenty years, it was a bittersweet goodbye, my folks were distraught to leave this home and all the memories they created in it, but they were also ecstatic! They were ecstatic because the home was being passed on to me, and they knew I would take good care of it. In the last year they lived in this house, the two of us all noticed that the heating, ventilation and air conditioner was pushing some rather unusually smelly air into our home; Once I took the reigns and became the up-to-date owner of the house, I was fully exposed to how far the Heating & Air Conditioning system had spiraled into disrepair! I didn’t even know where to start; There was hardly any air being pushed out of the duct labor and through the ventilation registers into the house. The small gusts of air that did come into the home weren’t being cooled or warmed, and the air also smelled rather putrid. The aged dial temperature control on the wall wasn’t unquestionably helpful either, as the accuracy in the temperature studyings must’ve been off by at least multiple degrees! Using the gas furnace for that first Wintertide was also a large disaster, as the gas furnace hastily overheated and shut down. That was after it filled the home with smoke, leading myself and others to believe the home caught fire in the night! With so multiple concerns stemming from the heating, ventilation and air conditioner, I began to wonder if our parents intentionally passed off the home version of a lemon, however where was I supposed to even begin on these repairs?

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