I chose the cooling system

Growing up, my family and I went on so many trips together that I don’t think I could count them if I wanted to. Out of all the places that we would go, amusement parks were my favorite. To me, there was nothing like the thrill of riding a roller coaster or the heart stopping sound of the last “click” at the top of a drop ride. I can remember planning a trip to an amusement park that I was sure would be my favorite trip ever. It was an amusement park that I had never been to, and it was one of the biggest in the world. When the day came to head to the park, it was extremely hot outside. I never thought I would say it, but I actually asked my dad if we could postpone the trip to the amusement park so that I could stay in the nice air conditioned hotel. Of course, we had already purchased the tickets, so we had to go that hot, humid day. The entire trip to the park I was dreading getting out of the air conditioned vehicle. I rode a couple roller coasters, but after just an hour or so, all I wanted was to go somewhere that had air conditioning. My mom took me into a little restaurant to help me cool down. After about twenty minutes of relaxing in the restaurant, I was ready to go back out and ride some more roller coasters. Well, it only took one ride that time to make me want to find another place with air conditioning to cool off. In the end, most of my day at the amusement park was spent indoors where there was plenty of AC.

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