I changed my career

My brother Sean started up his own HVAC company. He used to be a contractor, but after years of doing that, he decided he had enough and was bored with it all. He worked for about 10 years as a contractor. Finally then, Sean turned in his contracting license and then he went back to school to do a six month program to get fully certified in heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and media air cleaners. Now that he’s started up his own heating and cooling business in our town, he says that his life is much happier and he doesn’t dread going to work anymore. He unquestionably enjoys the customers he meets when he’s out doing heating and cooling maintenance and installation plus he says that the work is pretty straightforward and it’s unquestionably rewarding, but i’m glad that he decided to go into another line of work, since the other job was stressing him out. Also, now that he’s able to work on cooling systems and oil furnaces, he comes to work on my units for myself and family for free! I guess increasing his job path was definitely the right thing for him to do. It’s so wonderful to have a brother in the HVAC industry! It saves us all money!

A/C and heating