I can’t wait for my new smart thermostat to get installed

Next week I am getting a new smart thermostat installed an I really can’t wait. I have been wanting my smart thermostat forever now but I have had to wait until I could call the HVAC technician. I know that I could install the thermostat myself, but I want to get a check up on my HVAC system too. I have heard about how much money I will save with the smart thermostat and I am so excited. I think it’s crazy that I will be able to control my HVAC system from my phone, that is a big change from the window AC unit I had growing up. At the first house I lived in there wasn’t even an HVAC system and I really didn’t know how to react when I first felt HVAC. Now it’s pretty regular that every single house has some sort of HVAC system. Whenever my grand kids complain about being hot because the AC is off I tell them what it was like to have no AC. When I go camping now I remember what it was like to not have AC. Anyways, I am just really anticipating this new smart thermostat. If you haven’t heard about all the great features of a smart thermostat you really need to start learning about them. From what I hear having a smart thermostat can increase your monthly bill by a lot, and that saves your HVAC system a ton of work too. When your HVAC system doesn’t work as hard it means you don’t have to call your HVAC provider as much, and that also saves on your HVAC costs!
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