I can’t end this

I love to travel! I’ve been fortunate enough to see a handful of countries over the years, and I hope to keep travelling throughout my life. My favorite place that I’ve been so far was South America. I saw some beautiful landscapes there, ate some delicious food, and met lots of wonderful people. The only thing that I had a hard time adjusting to was the fact that most of the hotels I used didn’t have air conditioning. I spent most of my time in small cities where cooling systems weren’t standard in most of the homes. It didn’t help that I went during the hottest part of the year. I think the adjustment was so difficult because I was used to leaving the air conditioner on all of the time back home. I’m really hot natured, and the A/C is what keeps me comfortable above most other things. Still, after a couple of weeks I became less aware of the fact that there was no A/C where I was staying. I ended that trip feeling that I had really challenged myself in a new way, and I was less concerned with luxuries and having lots of modern amenities. In fact, I ended up downsizing an buying a much smaller house. Traveling can teach you call kinds of things about the world and yourself. I think everyone should do it as much as they can. People shouldn’t let the fact that they will be uncomfortable deter them from seeing new things and meeting new people. It’s not so hard to get by without A/C for a while.

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