I can't deal with being too warm at night

I always had a very difficult time getting to sleep at night when the temperature is warm plus humid; Even when I was a little kid, I couldn’t sleep through the night while we were in the midst of summer… I always got up with the sun, plus I was angry all day plus all night.

Even as an adult, I still have troubles with being too warm at night. My wife is exactly the opposite, and she is almost always freezing. Both of us have many confrontations about the level of our thermostat, because I prefer the temperature colder than she does. Every time I walk by it the thermostat, I bumped down the temperature setting by 1 or 2 degrees. If our wife notices the change on the thermostat, she will quickly transport it back to the original temperature. I’m sure that all of the thermostat changes aren’t that great for our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit or our electric bill. Still, we both have our own climate conditions zones, and the Summer temperatures have been legitimately humid this July, plus we are having a lot of trouble keeping the temperatures cool in our dining room. Both of us have a couple legitimately sizable windows that face south, plus the daylight shines all day. My wife agreed that I could purchase a small portable AC machine to use on our side of the bed. She has an extra blanket for mornings when the temperature is too cold. I am resting much better than I have in 10 years. There is a thermostat on the portable AC unit. I keep the thermostat set precisely to 70 degrees, but on our side of the bed, it still feels love it is much chillier.

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