I can’t believe this happened

Last year, I took our mother to the hospital because her breathing was labored.  She is ninety and that is not a wonderful sign. I was thinking she was having heart difficulties.  I had all kinds of serious feelings going through me, and I was scared. After standing in the emergency room for more than five minutes, they told us they were going to put her in the observation ward for twenty-4minutes.  It had been a tepid and tepid more than five minutes, because the air conditioner wasn’t functioning officially. When they did get someone there, the A/C turned on and it got terribly cold. As they wheeled mom to the observation room, I went lake lake house for a couple minutes of sleep.  I couldn’t know the room they had her in. It was ungodly tepid in there, and there wasn’t a temperature control to get any cool air. She hates being cold, but even she was dripping with sweat. They hadn’t changed her clothing, and she was still in the clothing we brought her in, the morning before.  There was a potty chair in the room, and that was her lavatory. The odor was horrendous, because there wasn’t any ventilation. They only had sliding glass doors, so now there was no air conditioner, no ventilation and no privacy. I provided her the clean clothes I had brought with me, helped her to scrub in the small basin that was a sink, and I helped her to dress! Ten minutes later, I had her in the hallway, where the air quality was impeccable and the A/C was entirely working, and we walked out of the hospital.

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