I can’t believe these bills

Last winter, I had a huge problem with indoor air quality.  Despite turning up the thermostat, the house was downright chilly.  There were cold spots in the corners and insufficient heat coming from the vents.  My monthly energy bills continued to climb higher and higher, and yet I was bundling up in sweaters  to keep warm. Plus, there was definitely an abundance of dust circulating around and building up on surfaces.  I was forced to clean and vacuum more often, and I worried about the amount of contaminants I was inhaling into my lungs.  I also noticed a slight musty smell. I sprayed room deodorizers, set out air fresheners, and even lit scented candles, but was unable to get rid of the odor.  Since I am diligent about having the furnace professionally serviced every fall, I was surprised by these issues. When an HVAC contractor came to inspect the system, he found that the problems were caused by a dirty duct system.  Since the air in the home passes through the ductwork multiple times per day, the condition of the ductwork directly impacts air quality. Over the years, an abundance of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, bugs, webs and even some decomposing rodents had deposited within the duct system.  This accumulation blocked airflow, which led to higher energy bills, diminished comfort, and health concerns. Every time the furnace started up, it was spreading harmful spores and pollutants throughout the house. The HVAC contractor provided a thorough duct cleaning, which included both a brush and vacuum to remove stubborn contaminants.  Once the service was complete, I noticed an immediate improvement in the smell, cleanliness and temperature of my home.

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