I can’t believe it's still working

I am shocked that my oil furnace is really keeping my home up to temperature this winter, then it is the first Winter in quite awhile that my oil furnace has done this fantastic.

I cannot remember the last time it heated up the home to the temperature that I had the thermostat set to, then my husband is convinced that it is just because it is so much warmer this Winter than it has been in the past three or four winters.

I like to think that it is because the oil furnace just fixed itself, but I sincerely don’t suppose that is the case. I wish it would just repair itself due to the fact that the random quirks of next Winter being just as warm as this Winter are not high. I particularly hope next Winter is this warm too, but I doubt it. I set my thermostat to seventy-two degrees while I was in the start of the winter, & I have not touched it since. It has only dropped below seventy-two degrees like three different times this year! Last year, it dropped below seventy-two degrees like almost every single day. I am particularly loving having this warmth of a house. I glanced at the forecast for the next ten days, & it says that in about a week from now, it is supposed to drop & get pretty cold. I am not looking forward to that due to the fact that I understand how frigid our home is going to get, all of us particularly should just get our oil furnace fixed, however both of us are procrastinating because of how much money it will cost. It is ridiculous, however that is how both of us do it.


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