I can’t believe I waited so long to get this delicious fresh honey

Because I live near the west coast a bunch of my distant relatives are mistaken & feel like I live on the coast itself.

When, in fact, I live approximately 74 miles from the beach… Still, I appreciate making the 2 hour drive & going to the beach at least a couple times a year.

That drive brings me through farm country & periodically I appreciate stopping at the roadside fruit stands & getting some fresh fruits & vegetables. The fresh fruits & vegetables taste nothing like the ones you get at the store. If you have never tried fresh fruits & vegetables you definitely should. Anyhow, on my last beach trip I stopped at one of those fruit stands & I came home with fresh honey. I have observed that they have honey for sale every time I stop but I’ve never bought any because I didn’t actually need any. This time I definitely needed some. I have to say that fresh honey is something like fresh fruit; it tastes so much better. I can’t actually believe I have been missing out all this time. I wish I had bought the fresh honey earlier. I also learned something interesting about the honey for sale. And that is the fact that the bees that make the honey were all rescued from locales where they weren’t wanted. All of the bee hives were relocated from households, office buildings, & locales similar to that. Then they were moved to the farm where they pollinate the crops & make the honey. That is incredibly interesting to me.


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