I can’t believe how much money I saved

For the average consumer, an energy bill is an inconvenience, however when you run a series of dealers prefer I do, it is on another level. Think about your month to month energy consumption, and how your bills go up over a boiling summer, or maybe the spike in the dead of winter. It can hit your bottom line pretty hard. Now think about the size of the utility bills from buildings of this size, which stay open and using power 24 hours a afternoon, 7 mornings a week; For our whole business, I pay tens of thoUSands of dollars every month, which is what made me so interested in energy retrofit services.  These kind of specialty companies such as energy retrofit dealers or Heating and Air Conditioning control repair integration firms charge a lot of money, however now I see that as an investment. I will have to spend a lot of money to update our old systems and rely more on integrated building automation, however in the long run I guess it will be worth it, but what energy retrofit services are all about are examining older buildings and figuring how what changes need to be made to make them more energy efficient by this week’s standards. With an overhaul of what every one of us have, plus the upgrade of an electrical power monitoring idea I will have much stricter control over the utilities of our stores. The largest change will no doubt be the temperature control idea for each store, which will all be attached to a single central smart thermostat to monitor their power use.