I can’t believe how much it cost me

Whenever one of my friends asks me if I want to catch a flick with him, I typically really don’t want to. I hate big crowds, and theater crowds can be huge! We always get a theater where a bunch of people are talking, and I cannot stand hearing people munching on snacks the entire time. I was talking to my husband the other afternoon, and he recommended that we install our own home theater. This way we can control who is coming to watch, and we’ll have complete control over the thermostat. The HVAC systems at our local theatre and virtually every one I’ve been to are regularly set much too low. I am coming to watch a film for pete’s sake, not sit in a freezer! My home theater’s going to have a sign of do’s and don’t on the wall. No messy and crunchy snacks for sure. I will also make sure that I have complete control over the A/C while enjoying the film. I’m sure that this will cost tons of money but I think it will be great.

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