I can’t believe how hot it got in here

The worst job I ever had was working in a pizza joint. I did not luck out and get to be a server though. I got stuck making, boxing and delivery pizzas to those who ordered. Being in the back kitchen should not have been a bad job. I would have gotten to be away from people, make good money, and smell pizza all day. The main downside was that the shop did not spring for AC in the back kitchen. What the owner did was get cooling for the dining area. That way the customers had great air conditioning. The workers in the back, with the hot ovens, were stuck with no form of cooling. It was just plain horrible. Every shift at work I would sweat through my shirt. My skin got to be so terrible due to all the sweat and grease in the air quality. A little bit of AC would have went a long way. It would have been simple for the owner too. All he would have needed to do was purchase and set up a ductless mini split air conditioner back there. They are not that expensive, easy to install, and the workers would have been happy. I would have stayed at that job for years due to how simple it was. Instead, the first chance out of there I took. I could not handle being that hot at work with no form of temperature control. Have you ever been by an oven baking a pizza? It is like 1000 degrees and not having cooling was bad.

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