I can’t believe how dirty the house is

There is nothing we look forward to more than our annual Christmas party.  We started out with just a few friends and our immediate family. Over the years, our family has grown and so has the party.  Instead of five or six people, we now have over forty people coming to our party. About five years ago, we had new tiles laid in our kitchen.  I had always wanted to the natural stone tiles and since our kids was grown it seemed the right time. The white grout has now turned a dingy gray.  We have a lot of little ones who will be at the party this year and most of them are crawlers. We want to get a professional floor cleaning company to come in and clean the tiles and the grout for us.  I told my husband I want the tiles to be ‘eat off the floor’ clean. The first thing the cleaners did was to scrub the entire floors. They had special scrubbers and chemicals that not only cleaned, but lifted the dirt from the grout.  They bleached the white back into the grout. They also had a special steam cleaner that was able to lift the bacteria out of the flooring. They were totally sanitized and safe for a little one who was crawling around. I can’t wait until our friends and family see the floor.  It looks just as good as it did the day we had the flooring laid. The floor cleaning company did such an amazing job and I am really glad we had chosen them for this job.

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