I can’t afford an HVAC contractor right now

I wish it was easier for me to focus.

When I was younger I had laser sharp focus that could never be broken.

I could sit and be occupied with something for a whole entire day before I realized that I was even hungry. But now, I have to say that my brain doesn’t work the same way. I am a lot more sensitive to my environment now. One thing that bugs me the most are loud noises in my surroundings. I have a rough time getting anything accomplished when there is a lot of movement going on around me. That’s probably why I’ve been so miserable with the furnace situation this year. The air temperature finally took a dive a few weeks ago as we moved from a hot summer into the fall. And so for the first time, I ended up turning on my oil furnace to increase the indoor air temperature in the house. That’s when I first realized something was going on with my central oil furnace. , then namely, that my furnace has a lot to say this year, but everytime the oil furnace kicks into gear it makes a god-awful sound. I can hear the noise from the temperature control device no matter where I am in the house. No matter how many times I put ear plugs in or put headphones on, nothing ever seems to drown out the sound of the miserable furnace in the basement! Whenever I feel the heating coming through the air vents in the house, I know that I’m getting ready to hear the loud humming and banging of an outdated furnace. I guess that I need to call up a professional heating and cooling contractor although I cannot really afford it right now. Of course, that’s partially because I cannot get my job done thanks to the furnace.


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