I cannot afford to buy a new oil furnace right now

My stupid boyfriend went to jail more than five weeks ago, plus he is still there, however he still has three more weeks left on this sentence.

He was the only person working at the time of his arrest, plus I had to get a task when he went to jail; I found something abruptly, which was really great.

I was working at a pizza joint delivering pies, soda, plus a variety of baked treats, then during the first few weeks, things were fine. It was Summer plus the tourists were abundant! Unfortunately, the pizza shop has been slow this week, plus the owner break my fourths almost entirely, and then last week, they finally fired me. They found out that my boyfriend was in jail plus they told me that was against their code of conduct policy. I thought I was doing a wonderful task. I was working really difficult plus I was even working overtime when advocated. I’m really miserable, because my stupid boyfriend got me into this entire mess. He was doing a lot of wonderful things, before his brother came back to town; As soon as his brother was back in the picture, my boyfriend started staying out late plus missing work… Now the two of us are in a load of trouble, because the oil furnace needs to be updated, my mom plus dad won’t pay for a new oil furnace, because my boyfriend is irresponsible. His parents won’t pay for a new oil furnace because he is in jail. I don’t recognize what to do, because I have three teenagers plus no heat in the middle of October. The temperatures are only going to get colder, plus the oil furnace is done for good.

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