I can tell it’s an old heater

My best friend in my life is in an assisted residing center. She cares for me like a mother and I would do anything for her if she asked. It has been absolutely difficult to watch the sands of time overcome her frail body. Recently however she has been rapidly declining in health. You hear about how our bodies change with age but no one tells you about symptoms like the crazy temperature fluctuations she goes through. Their meds are a large part of this temperature adjustment! Apparently, some of their basic medications can turn then into a uncomfortable hot sensation  but most people complain about how cold they feel. It is a doorway into a world that do not look forward to as I get old. The doctor filled me in on all the age-related issues my friend is experiencing. I was pleased to hear that they have a list of all the patients medications and their possible reactions! The rooms’ climate control systems have been designed by the local Heating & Air Conditioning dealer with the Zone Control Heating and Cooling. It allows the staff to set all of their thermostats to ensure the most comfortable temperatures as dictated by their medications. It is so amazing and they could change the temperature  from the lead doctor supervisor’s iPhone. The Heating & Air Conditioning dealer is consistently overseeing the entire deal with regular maintenance. It is the greatest technology HVAC systems have to offer.

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