I can make it through winter

I started working at a local HVAC provider in my new town this week. I have been working in the heating and cooling business for over a decade within the city. But, now we have moved out into a small farming community seeking a better life for the children. I thought I had seen the worst of the worst in my HVAC profession having worked in the inner city. When I got to ‘farmland’ my whole world was opened up, and not in a good way. There isn’t a house here that doesn’t possess some type of animal. And on that note, not a farm that doesn’t possess a heating and cooling system. That surprised me a bit, for a low income community. Yet, I really got it, for they are an outdoor working community. They push themselves to the limits all year long within all kinds of weather. Whey they get done with the day, they want to be properly cooled down or warmed up to relax from a hard day of work. Well, their HVAC systems work harder than any I have seen and it shows within their filter system. I had never seen more animal hair in my life. It turns out that this local heating and cooling business can see more work than most of my city clients. We have to go into their farm houses on a weekly basis to change out air filters and strip vents due to the constant use. Without doing this process, they will see their HVAC units crashing regularly and look to us for blame.

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