I can fix this

I came home from work last week and saw water all over the floor in the hallway. I followed the stream of water into the laundry room At first I thought that the washing machine that was leaking so I called plumber. The plumber came out and informed me that the water was coming from the air conditioner and that I should call an HVAC specialist instead. I was starting to get a bit frustrated at this point. I called an HVAC business and they came out instantly. I half expected the specialist to tell me to call yet another type of worker but he owned the problem and got right to work to repair the problem. It turned out that our air conditioners condensation pipe had backed up. The pipe usually funnels water outside of the house. When it became congested up, the water could no longer escape outside and was now dumping all over the laundry room. Lucky for me, it was an easy fix. The HVAC specialist also changed our air filter and suggested  a thorough vent cleaning and a few other maintenance things. I hesitated at first but I couldn’t remember ever having had my HVAC unit serviced before. This lack of basic service is what cause there to be water all over our floor. I had the specialist go ahead and take care of my unit while he was there. I could not believe all of the junk he vacuumed out of our ventilation system. The air just feels and smells cleaner now and there is no longer water all over the floor.

air conditioning repair