I can finally breathe again in my home

Lately, no matter how often I have been dusting and vacuuming around the household, the dust just continues to collect.

I am always sneezing and I feel like my allergies are acting up, but it’s much more than just allergies.

I told my husband about the problem and I asked him if he had been changing the air filters. He said he was changing the air filters every single month and he didn’t know what the problem could be. Then suddenly it dawned on him that we hadn’t had the ductwork system cleaned in a very long time. It had to have been at least 5 years since we had the ductwork system cleaned out officially. He decided to peak in one of the HVAC vents and the huge amount of dust and debris he was able to see inside told us this was the problem with our air quality. With so much dust and debris built up in the ductwork, it was no wonder the dust kept collecting no matter how often I was cleaning up around the household. Having to breathe in all that dust is not good for our health either, so I was happy when my husband immediately called up the HVAC company to schedule an official ductwork cleaning. They also asked if we would like to install a UV air purification system that was 20% off with the ductwork cleaning service. My husband asked me and I said if it would improve the air quality, I was all for it. So we had the ductwork cleaning taken care of and the new air purification system is great. There has been virtually no dust ever since and I feel like I can breathe again in my home!

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