I bought a new air register for my bedroom to change the air direction

My insomnia is the central frustration in my life. At first it was a minor inconvenience that I handled with excessive coffee each morning, no doubt feeding the very problem itself. But, as time went on and I kept struggling to get more than three or four hours of sleep a night, my performance at my job slipped continuously. I work at a call dispatch center and handle emergency related calls to medical offices after hours when their reception desk is closed for the night. It’s a common service in today’s world, but it’s an important one and needs the utmost degree of concentration and care in those answering the phones. I don’t want my lack of sleep threatening my ability to call emergency services for someone in a medical crisis. I started hunting for causes for the constant insomnia and realized that I get cold whenever the air conditioner cycles. But, if I try to use more blankets to compensate, I feel hot whenever the machine is off. At last, I figured out why. The air register in my bedroom ceiling is stuck pointing in one direction—straight at my bed. I set off to the hardware store for a new register to replace the old one. Perhaps if I force the air conditioned air to blow away from my bed, maybe that would balance out the contrasting feelings of being too hot or cold. To my surprise, I found a new register that has two series of metal vents that go in opposite directions but can both be opened and closed freely, giving much more control over the direction of the air stream. To my delight, the new register was easy to install and did exactly what I could have hoped for, immediately improving my sleep in a matter of days. I’m happy that I don’t need repairs or adjustments given to the expensive ductwork. Now my HVAC system is without any faults, especially after having everything cleared when my supplier inspected the system after the installation of the new register.

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