I bought a flowered cover for my air conditioning unit

I bought this really pretty cover that I was planning on putting over my AC unit during the winter.

I thought that I would be able to keep the snow and ice out of the AC unit and keep it running for a longer period of time.

I was surprised when the HVAC technician told me that was not the case. He told me that if I wanted to keep my AC unit safe, I should get rid of the cover. He said I could use if for the grill but it would be a big mistake to put it on the AC unit. Apparently mice and other small rodents, like to hibernate in the AC unit during the winter. When it is covered, it has a warm and dry place to stay. The rodent will chew through the wires and make a huge mess inside the AC. You also have more chance of condensation building up inside the AC unit when you have a cover on it. The AC unit is made to hold up under the worst of winter conditions. When the AC unit is uncovered, the cold winds can help to keep the water from standing inside the AC unit. The wind will keep it dry. When the water stays inside, it ends up getting moldy. As the sun shines down, the mold will continue to grow and it will eventually get into the ductwork and into the air you breathe. I got rid of the cover that I bought and my AC unit never saw it.


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