I better head on home

I really want to add heated floors to my deck. My wife and I worked really hard to attach a wood deck to our house. Since we have a basement, the first floor of our home is up in the air. We had to set up supports and have a floating deck. The whole process was very difficult and it was worrisome if we could get the deck to hold all our weight. But, my wife and I did it. The only problem is that due to safety codes, we had to put in a rail. The railing is about three feet high and makes it impossible to shovel snow. In the Winter, snow accumulates on the deck and needs to be removed. It cannot handle that added weight. My wife and I have to shovel pounds of snow over a three foot high deck. So what I want to do is add heated flooring into the deck. I am not sure how a HVAC business can do this, but I know it is possible. HVAC companies can put hydronic heating into your driveway. Homeowners use this heater as a snowmelt system. If they can do a cement or blacktop driveway, why not heating installation on a wooden deck? My wife says the heated floors should go inside of the house. We would get the most enjoyment there. I am willing to stick with my old furnace a few more years not to have to shovel snow though. I always feel like I am going to have a heart attack when I shovel.

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