I bet we can make due

Over the past ten years there has been a significant change if the thinking of many people.  It may have started long before this, however, with social media, the ability to find just about anything online within seconds, and the fact that things have become more affordable, people in general  are not willing to settle for the average. Many people feel the need to have the best that money can buy when it comes to the things in our lives. They are even willing to work harder or go into debt to get them.  Now, this can be really life changing. When it comes to our comfort, we are willing to pay more so that we can enjoy our homes or vacations. Myself, I decided that I wanted to have a fully automated HVAC system that could be controlled by remote, phone, or voice.  When my HVAC dealer was at the house to plan the replacement, he actually tried to convince me to purchase a less complicated system. He said that it would be efficient and affordable. I am sure he was just looking out for my best interest, but, I wanted to be the envy of the neighborhood and told him that I didn’t care what it cost, I wanted the high tech system.   He sold me what I wanted, but when I got the final bill, I started to understand why he had tried to convince me otherwise. Now, I have to work extra hours to make the payments and I don’t get to spend as much time at home enjoying my new system. I will say that the time I do spend, sleeping mostly, is very comfortable and it did improve the value of my home installing the high tech system.    

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