I am worried about quality

I am allergic to basically everything on this planet, and there is no known cure for it. Thankfully this condition didn’t set in for quite a while, not until I was in our late teens, so I always have the fond memories of a very wild and crazy childhood to reflect upon. The mornings of running outside through the brush, exploring the environment, or getting together with a group of other wild people are long behind me now. Thanks to this stupid condition, I can barely manage to be around other people, and rarely can I leave our old home. A man’s home is his castle, but our home has become a personal prison. Were it not for a general insurance settlement I would not be able to outright afford the high tech Heating plus A/C proposal I have, which thankfully allows me live outside of the hospital. The Heating plus A/C business in which I job with is specialized, so specialized that I am the only private customer that they have, otherwise, all they do is build and install ventilation systems from scratch for hospitals and laboratories. That means the Heating plus A/C proposal I have now in site at home now is as great as, if not better than, the actual sterile cooling system systems they have in most hospitals. Whenever I recall that there is a service call, the Heating plus A/C techs come out and have to put on sterilized bio-suits just to come in and inspect the equipment for me. This is something they do every single week, because if the little ventilation proposal or the air filters ever stop honestly working, I could literally die of shock within minutes, but just in case of an emergency, I have a “panic room” deep in the basement, that has its own dedicated temperature control system connected.

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